The Lure of Middle-earth is a fan convention for all Lord of the Rings card and board games. Currently the two main games that are played in tournaments and special events at the convention are the Middle-earth CCG (published until 1998 by ICE) and Lord of the Rings LCG (by Fantasy Flight Games).

This community organized convention aims to give players an opportunity to come together once a year to enjoy their favorite games with their peers.

Be part of our fellowship! And join us for a weekend of gaming!

Read more about the history and the philosophy of this convention.


8th March (starting 2 pm) till 10th March 2018 (ending 4 pm).
It is possible to arrive earlier or stay longer at the castle. Please mention this in your pre-registration.


Castle Stahleck (see on Google Maps). The castle is in the small town Bacharach in the middle of Germany, about 50 km south of Koblenz and 50 km west of Mainz.

Rooms & Prices

Attending the Lure of Middle-earth costs between 80 and 100 Euro (per person for the whole weekend). This includes breakfast, lunch and dinner at the castle, and also coffee and tee for the whole weekend. There are no additional fees to attend tournaments or special events (except drafting tournaments).

There are different rooms available (many of them with shower/toillette in the room). See a short overview below. You’ll get more detailed information about what is still available when pre-registering. Be quick to pre-register, as rooms will be given out in order of submission. And the smaller rooms will be gone very quick.

Available rooms:
1 bed room (private bathroom): 100 Euro
2 bed room (private bathroom): 100 Euro
2 bed room (communal bathroom): 90 Euro
3 or 4 bed room (private bathroom): 90 Euro
4 bed room (communal bathroom): 80 Euro
6 or 7 bed room (communal bathroom): 80 Euro
9 or 10 bed room (communal bathroom): 80 Euro

(If you want to stay an additional night at the castle this costs 40 Euro per person for a 1 or 2 bed room, and 30 Euro for other rooms.)


Go here for pre-registration.

You will be contacted via mail afterwards with a selection of the rooms that are still available and how to pay. Your registration is only garanted once you have transfered the money.

Available payment methods: Transfer to German or Austrian bank account, Paypal (with an additional fee of 5 Euro).

Late fee: If you do register (including payment) only two weeks before the first day of the event, there is a late fee of 5 Euro.

How to get there

By car: Driving on the German highway A61, you take the exit named Rheinböllen. From there you go on in direction to Bacharach. You reach Castle Stahleck via Bacharach-Steeg. There are many parking spots next to the castle.
Railway: Bacharach lies on the railway track Mainz-Koblenz. From the station to the castle it is only a walk of about 20 minutes.
By plane: There are three big airports near Bacharach: Cologne, Duesseldorf and Frankfurt. You will find good train connections to Castle Stahleck from all of them.

No accomodation in the castle

It is also possible to stay at one of the many hotels in Bacharach when coming to the Lure of Middle-earth. Even if you are not staying overnight in the castle you still have to register for a „no accomodation“ ticket. The same applies, if you live nearby and don’t need a place to stay overnight. This ticket costs 17 Euro for the whole weekend and includes free coffee and tee. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are not included, but can be purchased as needed at the castle.

There are no day passes available, only tickets for the whole weekend.


Any questions left? Feel free to ask them via mail to Lure Coordinator Wolfgang Penetsdorfer ( especially if this regards the Middle-earth CCG portion of the event. If you have any questions about the website or the Lord of the Rings LCG portion of the event feel free to contact Dominik Schönleben ( Also don’t forget to subscribe to our Newsletter to get all last minute updates about the event and and a notice when registration is open.