How the ball began to roll

The idea of Lure of MECCG was started in 1999 during a Lord of the Rings Convention at castle Hohensolms in Germany, where a handful of dedicated METW players met and pitied themselves, that there are so few chances to play the game. So we planned for our own METW convention a year later at the same castle, inviting all METW friends we knew. That was in 2000, and from then on Lure of MECCG became not only an annual event in March/April, but also the largest MECCG convention worldwide, located at an atmospheric castle in the heart of Europe. There are many reports and photos, also a Lure video in the Archive, that prove, how alive MECCG still is.


What is it all about

From the beginnig the idea behind Lure of MECCG was just having fun with our beloved cards. It is known that there ain’t better company than amont MECCG friends, so we wanted to create a place, where some friends may meet to share a good time. No important tournaments or championships are played at the Lure. Instead we want to offer some innovative ways to play our game.

Of course traditional tournaments like general opponent or sealed deck are not missing, but you’ll also get the chance to play scenario tournaments, try out new developed card-concepts, have a sealed tourney with foreign cards and never miss the Drinking Game! Another important goal of Lure is to offer new players to start the game. Many of us remember their first steps into MECCG as something fascinating, but also very complex and confusing, especially if you didn’t ever play any CCG. With the help of well experienced players you’ll find no better chance to enter the world of MECCG. If someone is looking for some alternatives, there is also the chance to play some boardgames. Maybe you want to bring your own favorites.

Finally it’s paradise for all MECCG collectors meeting players from nations like Japan, Spain, Italy, France, the Netherlands and many more.

Lord of the Rings LCG at the LURE

This game is something new since 2015. Not only the traditional METW is played since then, but also many Lord of the Rings LCG players come to the event to play the new game from Fantasy Flight. There will be many casual tournaments and Fellowship event. If you have any questions regarding this game you can contact Dominik (


Something special

… is the Lure Drinking Game. The idea was started most dignified: some friends sitting together for some mugs of beer and philosophizing on how to add some drinking fun to MECCG. So we have been talking about some Drinking Game Dream Cards, and since Lure of MECCG II such Dream Cards have been the spice to every Drinking Game at the castle, which became famous and inevitable.


One who has been at Lure of Middle-earth once, is bound to come again. All others don’t know yet, what they are missing, but there is some remedy. So be sure to look out for the oncoming Lure of Middle-earth.