Registration is open again!

Pre-Registration: Lure of Middle-earth 2024
If you are registering more than one person please specify their names in the Additional Comments box. If you want to stay in the same room as someone else who registers independently, please also specify this in the Additional Comments box.
I want to specifically register for both games. This is only relevant for receiving the 5/10/20+ years participation prizes for both games. This comes with an extra fee of 5 Euros. Normal registrations without this only receive this for their primary game. (This is completely optional, and you can participate in events for both games without registering this way. More information about this can be found in the "Registration Details" page.)
All participants of the Lure of Middle-earth have to read and follow the event's code of conduct. You can find it here:
This is only a pre-registration!
Some rooms may already be booked out. After you submit this form you will be contacted in order of pre-registration with the payment details and what rooms are still available.

Read all details about prices and registration here.

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