At the Lure of Middle-earth you should expect that all games are played by the following rules – as long as you have not agreed to anything else with your team. (As Lord of the Rings LCG is a cooperative game you can always decide to play by your own rules, as long as all players agree. Only the following tournament events have to be played according to the official rules: Nightmare Survival Mode und Dark Lord’s Draft.)

1. All cards/expansions from the A long-extended Party fan project are legal to play at any event at the Lure of Middle-earth. The Semi-official Errata and the Free to Choose List from A long-extended Party are also considered to be in effect at the convention. (More information below on other fan-made expansions.)

2. The most up to date rules can be found in the English FAQ 1.9 (Download)

3. In addition the following Errata are used, as they have been included in current printings, but have not been added to the FAQ yet:

  • A Burning Brand: Attach to a Lore character. Restricted. Response: Exhaust A Burning Brand to cancel a shadow effect just triggered during an attack that attached character is defending.
  • Erebor Battle Master: Erebor Battle Master gets +1 Attack for each other Dwarf ally you control. (Limit +4 Attack.)
  • Legacy of Durin: Attach to a Dwarf hero. Response: After you play a Dwarf character from your hand, exhaust Legacy of Durin to draw 1 card.
  • Thrór’s Map: Attach to a hero. Travel Action: Discard Thrór’s Map to choose a location in the staging area. Make that location the active location. (If there is another active location, return it to the staging area.)
  • Helm of Secrecy: Limit 1 per deck. Action: Choose a hero you control and discard all tokens from it. Select a different non-Fellowship, non-Baggins hero from your collection with a threat cost less than or equal to the chosen hero. Swap those heroes, moving all eligible attachments to the hero from your collection.
  • Dain Ironfoot: This cards updated traits are now: „Noble. Dwarf.“
  • Dwarf Pipe: The response is updated to: „Response: After a card is discarded from your deck, exhaust Dwarf Pipe to place that card on the bottom of your deck.“
  • Ered Luin Miner: The response is updated to: „Response: After Ered Luin Miner is discarded from your deck, put it into play under your control.“
  • Silvan Refugee: This cards updated traits are now: „Silvan. Scout.“
  • Healing Herbs: This cards updated traits are now: „Item.“

4. The Lure-of-Middle-earth promo card – which every first time participant gets at the event – can be played at all special events.

General note on fan-made expansions:
All players are encouraged to play Lord of the Rings LCG the way they think is best. This includes playing any fan-made expansion that they like, for example First Age and Legacy of Feanor. But because of their very specific deck-building rules and errata that make certain key staple cards unplayable (or change their rules) they are not considered something that players should expect to encounter at Lure of Middle-earth in the average pick-up game. You are still encouraged to bring and play those cards, but please check-in with your team before the game. You are also welcome to participate in any event at the Lure of Middle-earth with those cards as long as all players in your individual play group agree to the use of those fan-made expansions and their rules. (For example you are not only welcome, but encouraged to register your First Age or Legacy of Feanor games for the Marathon Challenge.)

The Future of fan-made expansions at the Lure of Middle-earth:
We love that there are so many people are creating new and exciting ways to expand the game in an unofficial way. Therefore we are open to making more fan-expansions „officially legal“ at Lure of Middle-earth. But to do so we want to first evaluate each one of them by playing them ourselves. We have the concern that if they alter the standard game flow too much that making them official at Lure of Middle-earth would impact the enjoyment of the event for some players, especially if they are new players who we want to be especially welcoming and who might be overwhelmed by this. We are sure veterans will find a group of players at the event who enjoy and know the special rules of a specific fan expansion. Nothing will prevent such a group from participating at most events during the convention while playing their favorite fan-made expansion.