All participants of the Lure of Middle-earth have to follow the these rules:

  1. All facilities of the hostel, including the exterior areas, are to be treated with care.
  2. Bed sheets are provided, and are to be used.
  3. At departure, the bed sheets must be removed from the beds and brought to the laundry containers in the entry hall.
  4. The rooms as well as the shower rooms are to be left in an oderly state. No bottles or dishes in the romms/shower rooms.
  5. Empty bottles must be placed in the provided beverage crates. Dishes are to be put in the dish trolleys.
  6. Do not throw anything out of the windows!
  7. After meals, tables must be cleared and wiped.
  8. Should any borrowed items (e.g. cable drums, chargers) be lost, they must be replaced.
  9. Two room cards are issued per room. Should any room cards be lost or destroyed, they must be replaced (€10.00).
  10. Should any damage occur, it must be reported to the reception and paid for by the person(s) responsible for the damage.
  11. Smoking is only permitted in the castle yard. Smoking is absolutely prohibited indoors.
  12. All smoke detectors are connected to the fire station. Triggering a fire alarm by removing or manipulating the smoke detectors may result in fines of up to €3,000.
  13. Animals may not be brought into the hostel.
  14. It is not allowed to bring your own beverages. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are for sale at the castle’s cafeteria.