Playing a game in which all nine ringwraiths compete  needs some streamlining the rules of MECCG LE in order not to become a superbore.

So this game is not a traditional multiplayer game but three multiplayer games in one. The changes which have tob e made in the rules contain three points.

1st) Competators: Each player competes with both of his neighbours. The one, he plays hazards on aswell as the one he gets his hazards from. So, after one round of playing every player has already two scores.

2nd) Syncronisation: With nine players in the game, there are three of them playing their round, three of them playing hazards and three of them having nothing to do the „distance“ betweeen the acting players always stays the same, if the rounds are syncronized. The three players are doing their phases simultaniosly. Movement/hazard does only start if each oft he three has comlpetetd his Orga-phase.

But there are only four phases now. Orga-Phase ist still the same; Movement/hazard is also still the same; Site Phase is still the same, BUT THE END-OF-TURN-PHASE IS NEW.


After all active players have ended their Site-phases, their playing zones are cleared. Long- and permanent events are marched to the general event zone in the middle of the table. eg.: in the general event zone sits „Doors of night“ but during the m/h-Phase Indur has played „skies on fire“. During his turn it only affected himself and his hazard player. But now it migrates to the general event zone. So during the next turn all players are affected by this card. After a long event has been in play for the turn it was played in and the next it is removed by the player woh playerd it.

The next part is is called ANNOUNCEMENTS. Now it is announced, what kind of marshalling points have been brought into play (just fill in the letter of the deck, which has brougt into play a unique MP to keep track).

3rd) playing areas: as there are three players playing simultaniously it is nearly impossible to keep track, which permanent- or long event affects which player. So there is an area in the middle of the table, where permanent and long events sit, which affects all players but there is also an area where the actuell playing player and his hazard player put their events. At the end of each turn this playing zone becomes cleared and the events are marched to the general event zone (see: annoncements).

F – Adunaphel’s Challenge Deck

G – Dwar’s Challenge Deck

H – Hoarmurath’s Challenge Deck

I – The Witch-King’s Challenge Deck

J – Indur’s Challenge Deck

K – Ren’s Challenge Deck

L – Khamul’s Challenge Deck

M – Uvatha’s Challenge Deck

N – Akorahil’s Challenge Deck

Ringwraith Tournament Sheet

Uniques Excel Sheet

Rules by Andreas