Rules (English) V.2.2

This alternative format was inspired by the MECCG-Drinking-Game, which is being played traditionally at the LURE, too. You don’t need any extra-cards here.

Each player chooses an alcoholic drink and brings a sufficient supply to the gaming area. The unit for how much you are supposed to drink is called a ‘shot’. What that means exactly depends on the drink (and the drinker), of course.

During normal gameplay, there are several situations in which drinking is required – usually, when something bad happens in the game. This symbolizes how the players themselves live through the pains and efforts of their fellowships. On the other hand, the players have many opportunities in which they can help their heroes on their way.

These elements are played out according to the so-called ‘1-2-3-rule-of-thumb”:

  • 1 always stands for a “Forced”-effect. The players have to drink 1 shot, whether they want to or not.
  • 2 means a “Reaction”-effect. Optionally, the players can drink 2 shots, to achieve a compensation. Clarification: It is not possible to drink a double number of shots for a double effect.
  • 3 represents an “Action”. Here the players can actively influence the game-state by drinking 3 shots. These options are limited, however, due to balancing. Each player can use each of these actions once per round. At least, since this is a cooperative game, you can help your fellow-players here.

1) Forced

  • After a character is destroyed, the controlling player drinks 1 shot.
  • After a player raises his threat by any amount, that player drinks 1 shot (yes, also at the end of each round).
  • When a quest stage or a side-quest is defeated, each player drinks a shot.

2) Reaction

  • After one of your characters suffers damage, drink 2 shots to heal 1 damage on that character.
  • After one of your characters becomes exhausted by the effect of a quest or encounter card, drink 2 shots to ready that character.
  • After the players don’t quest successfully, each player may drink 2 shots. If all players do, place 1 progress on the current quest (or the active location, if applicable).

3) Action (each only once per round)

  • Drink 3 shots to choose a player. That player draws 1 card.
  • Drink 3 shots to choose a non-unique enemy. Deal 1 damage to that enemy.
  • Drink 3 shots to choose a hero. Add 1 resource to that hero’s resource pool.

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Have fun, and cheers!
© 2017 by Uli „Taurelin“ Bauer