Rouxxor’s Draft

– for experts –

Player cards and quests will be provided.
(16 players maximum)

Come without a deck. Pick a table (cards in french or english) You will select your heroes and players card during a draft session. Play a short scenario to get used to the deck. This event continues after dinner. After Dinner you play an Epic Multiplayer scenario with all your draft partners (Mount Doom/Black Gate opens in easy mode for french table, Siege of Annuminas for english table).


The list used for the draft will be this one:
Also available with images, but with some minor errors:

Each player starts with a Gandalf ally and a random hero for their draft pool. Then he or she gets 8 heroes and has to choose one and give the rest on his left. So everyone receive 7 cards, pick another one and pass the 6 other on the left. And so on until everyone pick 9 heroes. Each player will only play 3 heroes but those 9 heroes allow him to have some choice. Each hero comes with 2 players cards thematically linked to this character.

Then each player will receive a pack (called „booster“) of 16 player cards selected at random in the pool, choose one and pass the other on it right. We repeat it until everyone has picked 16 cards. Then we do that with 4 more boosters that we pass to the left, alernating direction with each pack. After this everyone builds a classic lord of the rings deck from those 9 heroes and 99 players cards. (Note: You are allowed to play all the copies of cards normally limited in 1 copies like Double Back or Magic Ring.)

If we finish early enough you can play a quick game with your deck before dinning. After dinning each group will face an Epic Multiplayer scenario.

Please indicate when you pre-register if you prefer to:
– Draft with french cards and play against easy mode Mount Doom / Black Gate Opens in Epic Multiplayer (2 teams of 4 players).
– Or Draft with english cards and play against Siege of Anuminas in Epic Multiplayer (2 team of 3 players and one team of 2 players).

Event Coordinator: Camille