Rouxxor’s Draft

– for experts –

Player cards and quests will be provided.
(16 players maximum)

Come without a deck. You will select your heroes and players card during a draft session.


Interactive draft (2 to 4 players each, up to 16 players at the end)

Each player starts with a Gandalf ally, a random contract and a random hero from the draft pool. Then we all receive 3 heroes, choosing one to keep secretly and one to pass to your neighbour face up. We repeat this action 3 times so everyone get 5 heroes face up and 4 secret. Then we select players cards with the same kind of method (it will differ depending the number of players and the deck size/difficulty you want, I will be there to guide you through this) until everyone get enough cards to build a deck. After that play against whatever scenario you like! Or follow my recommandation.

The list used for the draft will be this one:

Event Coordinator: Camille