Nightmare Survial Mode

– for experts –

Quest: Deadmen’s Dike Nightmare (please bring your own copy)

All players fight in teams of two against Deadmen’s Dike in Nightmare Mode – and will probably loose. You have two try to defeat one of the most difficult scenario of the game, while avoiding to discard your whole deck (be aware that nightmare version forbids decks with more than 50 cards)! Find a partner, bring your best strategies and challenge yourself.

Nightmare quests bring both beautiful illustration and incredible difficulty to the scenarios we are used to. We propose you to challenge yourself by playing one of the hardest one. Find a mate and build your deck to defeat this scenario. Will you manage to get rid of those many undead, to pass over the many threat location and not to finish with an empty deck? This will be determined on the lure.


Scoring will not be used. All those who win on first try will share the first place, those who wins on second try will take the second place and people who don’t manage to win will be cheers by the group for trying such an hard task! Will of the west is allowed but is barely considered as an unsporting conduct. 😉

Event Coordinator: Camille