Special Tournament Rules at Lure of Middle-earth for MECCG

All Lure of Middle-earth tournaments are played following the Council of Elrond Tournament Policy 3.0 with the following additions:

– The „up to 2-mind character“ rule for Balrog players applys: During his organization phase, a Balrog player may bring into play (and/or remove from play) up to two characters – one of these characters must be non-unique. The normal requirements for bringing into play (or removing from play) a character must still be met.

– When a Balrog player brings into play a non-unique character with a mind of 2 or less, that character may come from his hand, his discard pile, or his sideboard.

– The 9 German promo cards are tournament legal.

– The special Lure of MECCG promo card is tournament legal.