Special Event Registration 2018 (open slots)

Find a teammate, discuss rules or plan new Special Events for the upcoming convention.
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Special Event Registration 2018 (open slots)

Post by Nerdmeetsyou » Mon Jan 22, 2018 8:38 pm

You can check here for how many spaces are still open for certain special events.

The times and days for the special events can be found in the shedule: http://lureofmiddleearth.com/program-lo ... ings-lcg/

Demo Games (6)
Lord of the Rings Drinking Game (1)
Classic Fellowship (booked out) - There is a waiting list. If enough people register, we will start a second table.
Fellowship Event Group 1 - 9.30 (booked out)
Fellowship Event Group 2 - 14.00 (2)
The Ultimate Mini-Saga (booked out)
Nightmare Survival Mode (1)
Free Races of Middle-earth (2)

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Re: Special Event Registration 2018 (open slots)

Post by doomguard » Mon Dec 17, 2018 8:14 pm

want to take part in:

- draft (thx for camille. i think the most cards i will understand in french because i know them ;) ) what will the szenario be? perhaps i can get my german version of it.
- drinking game
- the nightmare-challenge (plz make a different race-event, that does not take place at the same time, perhaps 9-12.30, or in the afternoon 14.00-18.00 on saturday), partner is jakob
- Custom Scenario Tournament (see schedule, but i cannot see wich of those in your post it would be, 19.30-open end), partner is jakob

hope jakob will confirm it ;)

even if there would not be an official 2. race-event. are there somebody who would like to play it on saturday in the official marathon? (the actual fellowship cooperative is not a big deal ;))

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