The Free Races of Middle-earth:

Each player of a team must choose a Trait. Each Trait may be chosen only once per team. All the Heroes and Allies in a player’s deck must have the chosen Trait.
Full rules here.

The Ultimate Mini Saga Event

Nine players join forces to live through the saga of Lord of the Rings ins just three quick games. You have to built a deck with one of the nine fellowship at its center.
Full rules here.


Lord of the Rings LCG – Drinking Game

One Drink to Rule Them All: Play a special variant of the game, where you can help your fellow players in their fight against Sauron by drinking alcoholic beverages. Pick up custom drinking game only cards for participating. Only for players 16 and older.
Full rules in English
Alle Regeln auf Deutsch (German)
Download rules as PDF in English and German
Download rules as Strange Eon Printout (English)
Download rules as Strange Eon Printout (German/Deutsch)


Race against the Shadow

Full rules here.


Keeping Count

Full rules here.