Thanks to everyone for this amazing Lure 2019!

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Thanks to everyone for this amazing Lure 2019!

Post by Rouxxor » Wed Mar 13, 2019 9:38 pm

Thanks for this amazing Lure of Middle-Earth! It was such a pleasure to play. This is my second year and I was even more satisfied :). Such a beautiful moment, a real moment of enjoyment in our complicate lifes.

Thanks to everyone that make this event possible to me.
Thanks to Wolfgang to make the logistic of the location. It was handled very well and in a very comprehensible way. I haven't got the occasion to know you from another side (I probably should have take that opportunity the thursday night) but making this possible is very kind of you.
Thanks to Dominik to supersize the whole LoTR LCG portion of the event and organize some events. It was still so easy to talk about you, so pleasant to have a conversation with you on the few breaks you allow yourself during the course of the event.
Thanks to Simon. We have very few moment to get to know each other last year but this time I got to interact with you and meet another good people that I'm happy to know.
Thanks to Dimitri, witch allow me to enter this community knowing there is already someone I always can count in. It is really amazing to be able in our time to get to know people from another country and then make to know each other, discuss and see us quite often.

And of course thanks to all the people witch I feel really good to play or talk to.
Thanks to Beorn / Dan. I was really looking forward to meeting you and you was as great as I was expected. So much kind and dedicated, so comprehensible, alway a kind word for anyone in your path. You are a blessing for this community and it actually such a shame that you are living in the other side of the word.
Thanks to the swiss community, it was nice to talk with you during the event. I hope this will only one of the first of many events for Laura ^^.
Thanks for our two other roommates Walter and Claudia. I get to know you during this week-end and I really was seduced by your kindness. I hope we will see next year.
Thanks to Valentin, I haven't get the pleasure to know you well enough in french events but it was nice to be around you during this week-end.
And, of course, thanks to the German community. There is so many german players that I want to thanks. I will not name you, mostly because there is some of you with names that I say multiple time during the days but that I have no idea how to spell ^^. I hope they will recognize themselves.

I really am looking forward to next year, exciting about what can be done, about who I will be again to see and play with again.

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