There are additional Covid-19 rules participants have to follow. Please read the information below carefully, before attending the event. If you do not follow these rules, you will not be allowed to enter the Great Hall and othe public play areas of the event.

Covid-19 rules at the Lure of Middle-earth:

  • Only fully vaccinated (or fully recovered) people can attend the Lure of Middle-earth. You need to provide documentation for your vaccination. (There are some exceptions for children of a certain age.) Your vaccination/recovery status will be checked by the castle management when you check-in.
  • In addition all people need to show an official Covid-19 test certificate when arriving at the event, which is not older than 24 hours. Both Anti-gen rapid tests and PCR tests are viable. Your test status will be checked by the castle management when you check-in. (This even applies to people who have received a Covid-19 booster shot or otherwise.)
  • You need to wear a mask in all public areas of the castle. (The actual event spaces where people play games aren’t public and therefore you are allowed to take off your mask there.)
  • Your contact details will be shared with the castle administration for contact tracing.

If you arrive at the castle after 8pm on Friday (or arrive on Saturday or Sunday) you need to contact Dominik via text message/phone call. He will then meet you in the entrance hall to scan your vaccination and test certificate. Please do not forget this, even if your friends already have your room key. (Dominik’s phone number can be found at the check-in counter when you arrive at the event. It will also be shared with you in our newsletter in the lead up to the event.)