Lure of Middle-earth XIX

It will be the 19th time, that players will meet at a castle of Bacharach in the middle of Germany to yield to their greatest passion. Each year over 100 players will come together for this special event, where they play their favorite Lord of the Rings themed card games, boardgames or just share some drinks together.


Middle-earth: The Wizards:

cropped-eye-small.jpgThere will be many different Events or Tournament during the weeking. Including favorites like General Opponent and Hero One Deck, lots of Sealed Tourneys, but also the widely acclaimed Cool Play, the (in)famous Crap Tourney and the possibility to play with the Dream Card expansions. You will also always find someone who wants to play ARDA. (Have a look at the full program here.)



Lord of the Rings LCG:

mec01_main22015 was the first time the Lord of the Rings LCG (by Fantasy Flight Games) was played during the weekend. And the participants who play the game are growing since then. The biggest event each year is the Fellowship Event, but also many variants like Race Against the Shadow or Keeping Count will be played. (Have a look a the full program here.)